WHY CHOOSE San Antonio Skydivers?


The Best and Most Cutting-edge Facilities and Vendors

Each of our vendors have facilities created to supply you with a worry-free and easy skydiving adventure.


San Antonio Skydivers Affiliates Have the Most Experienced Skydiving Staff Serving Texas.

We guarantee you're in good hands by only trusting the best of the best skydiving instructors. An expert skydiver will teach you the ropes-- and how to pull them! When you meet the staff, you will be confident in the fact that you've decided to skydive with the best this community has to give. Isn't that sense of security in the professionals teaming up with you what you really want when you go skydiving?


We can provide the most incredible skydive you can possibly make in or over San Antonio!

When you book with San Antonio Skydivers, your skydive can be made from 10,000 - 14,000 feet! While your head's in the clouds, your feet will be on one of the safest aircrafts in Texas. The aircrafts our vendors supply are expertly maintained by certified personnel. Our safety-first approach is required at all of our associated dropzones.


The Best Equipment Money Can Buy!

All of our vendors feature and maintain CUTTING-EDGE equipment. We take pride in the fact that our skydivers operate with the most innovative equipment and the most certifications available in the sport!


We Are Committed to Customer Service!

We have a brand-new, enlarged Customer Service Department that is experienced, considerate, and knowledgeable.

Start your skydiving experience by getting in touch with us at 210-468-7302 .