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Graduates Of one or more of the following USPA Authorized Training Plans are eligible to skydive for below $50! The following explains the two most sophisticated training courses accessible in the United States.

The following describes the two most advanced training programs available in the United States.

Accelerated Free Fall Seven Level Development

Level 2 - You exit the airplane with two jump masters, and continue to understand the basic techniques for body flight.

Level 3 - You depart the aircraft with 2 dive masters and continuously improve your fundamental skills. You continue to develop, and while your dive masters remain close by, at the right time, they will pull away and you will be flying solo. This is the experience you've been expecting-- your first solo freefall.

Level 4 - Now you just have one dive master, and they'll be focused on training you 90 degree turns and forward movement.

Level 5 - This level contains continued practice with a single Dive Master with the inclusion of 360 degree turns.

Level 6 - Your jump professional will assist you with your first solo exit. You learn more advanced maneuvers as you dive out, and demonstrate delta tracking (soaring across the sky), freefall flips and recovery from pre organized unstable body postures.

Level 7 - Now it's time to jump from the airplane and demonstrate to your jumping master all of the skills you know. San Antonio Skydivers advises you to take advantage of the choice to document this particular dive for future viewing purposes.


The 7 Levels of Tandem Development

Level 1 - The first step in Tandem Progression is to help you understand the arch body placement, altitude awareness, canopy control, and how you can deploy the main parachute. The advantage to this progression technique is that you have an instructor there with you for the full freefall and parachute journey.While your canopy is deployed, your instructor will be teaching you effective procedures and maneuvers.

Level 2 - Level 2 provides you with the opportunity to control more noticeable freefall turns and greater freefall stability. You will be needed to wave off and deploy your main parachute at 5,000 ft, and assist with the landing.

Level 3 - Time to spin that steering wheel-- learn how to execute a regulated 360 degree turn in freefall, how to deploy your canopy appropriately, and how to use forward movement. After this level you get into the AFF program at level 4 following the AFF 6 hour ground class.

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