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Skydiving doesn't have to be pricey-- if you get your skydiving qualification through San Antonio Skydivers, you can skydive for below $50! Read below for first hand information about the two most innovative training courses available in the United States.

The following explains the two most sophisticated training courses available in the Country.

The Seven Levels of Accelerated FreeFall Progression

Level 2 - Yourself and two licensed Jump Masters will exit the plane while you continue to learn fundamental body flight skills.

Level 3 - Your jump masters will help broaden your skill base. When you have displayed improved flying skills, the Jump Masters will release the handles on your jumpsuit while continuing to remain at your side. At this moment, you will begin to experience the excitement of rapid acceleration on your first solo freefall.

Level 4 - Frequently referred to as "Heading Control" you and a solitary Jump Master will carry out 90 degree turns and forward motions.

Level 5 - This level proceeds with guidance, with more precise 360 degree turns and forward motion with 1 dive master.

Level 6 - At this point, you will carry out your first solo exit with an individual Dive Master at your side. Your dive professional will teach you all about delta tracking, how you can execute freefall flips, and most importantly-- how to recover mid-jump from unstable body placements.

Level 7 - Now it's time to jump out of the aircraft and show your jumping master all of the skills you know. Really intend to flaunt? Then acquire the video bundle for this level.


The 7 Stages of Tandem Development

Level 1 - This particular level is tailored to give you with basic knowledge of the Arch Body Posture, freefall turns, altitude awareness, chute release and canopy control or navigating. The benefit to this progression approach is that you have an instructor there with you for the complete freefall and parachute journey.Rather than trying to remember every little thing on your way down, you'll have your trainerright on your side teaching you how tomaneuver your canopy.

Level 2 - In Level 2, you'll be controlling your freefall turns and focusing on your balance, all while discovering how to open your main parachute at 5 000 feet.

Level 3 - Now it's time for some more advanced techniques-- in Level 3 you learn high level heading maintenance, forward movement, and how to execute a controlled 360 degree turn. Once you've accomplished level three, it's time to take the AFF program, starting at level 4.

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