Experience your skydiving adventure with San Antonio Skydiving all over once more, but this time around with your family and friends.

Everybody knows that video tells a tale and photos catch moments in time! A seven minute video will be offered to you along with a CD filled of pictures of your skydiving experience with San Antonio Skydiving.

What kind of film can I anticipate?

A 5 to 7 minute video of your skydive, dubbed from a Digital video camera on to a VHS tape or DVD with music. The video is customized with your name and the date of your skydive. We anticipate to video you at numerous times beginning with your parting from the groundwork area, including your climb into the aircraft, the trip to altitude, leaving behind the airplane, free fall and your ending up back safely and securely on San Antonio soil.

How long might I wait to get the video?

You only have to wait an hour for your video to finish developing.

Can I take my personal video camera with me?

San Antonio Skydivers urges you bring your personal camera to record images during your training, however, we do not recommend you try to take your camera on your dive as you will definitely be too preoccupied to look after it and it could become dropped or damaged. There certainly is a possibility that you may lose your camera at one point or another-- we are not liable for any losses. Keep in mind that you will be around two miles high into the sky: and you just might be too excited to think about your camera.

Can my friends take videos or pictures of me?

Certainly. A friend can take pictures of you as well as video recordings during your glide under the canopy and also throughout your landing. They will even have the ability to take close-ups of you right after your skydive.

Is it possible for the videographer to videotape more than one person or can someone else possibly share a video with me?

Regrettably No. As a result of constraints and the distance between exits, a camera person will not be able to videotape more than one person per jump.

When taking still images of my jump, what can I expect?

Crisp photos of your amazing skydiving experience! As soon as your skydiving session is finished, you will be given a CD full of still photographs and a DVD with a 5 to 7-minute video. Because you have acquired the video and photographic files directly, you have the option of making many different copies and enlargements suitable for a variety of applications. Some of these apps may feature greeting cards, post cards, and business cards.

Must I give prior notice that I would like a video?

Of course. To better serve you, our staff will have to be notified ahead of time for video recording and image stills. Let one of our skydiving specialists know that you will want the video recording package and they will certainly be happy to reserve your videographer and respond to every one of your questions! Video production is provided on a first come first serve basis. Call San Antonio Skydivers right now for additional information, or to schedule your skydive! To request more information, contact us at San Antonio Skydivers.

Video is provided on a first come first serve basis. Call San Antonio Skydivers today for more information, or to schedule your skydive!

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