New Skydiver Get ready to enter the amazing world of skydiving!

Prepare to enter the exciting world of skydiving!

Thank you for giving San Antonio Skydivers the opportunity to assist you with all of your first time skydiving plans. Our experienced skydiving instructors will supply you with the best preparation and training to satisfy all your needs and make your very first skydive an unforgettable experience. The experience of parachuting over Texas is a one a million opportunity!

We've taken the opportunity to provide you with some useful information below to help you choose which particular jump is right for your first jump. Regardless of whatever you choose, you will be expertly instructed and assisted every step of the way throughout your amazing dive experience over Texas!

Your First Tandem Skydive in San Antonio

It is highly suggested by San Antonio Skydivers that you select this specific method for your very first dive. Tandem skydiving calls for a quick training of approximately 30 minutes to acquaint you with the equipment and the process so you can enjoy the trip knowing you are completely safe. The trainer will stay right be harnessed to you during the entire length of the jump and on your canopied coast back to earth safely and securely. As you soar at 10,000 to 14,000 feet over the gorgeous scenery of Texas, you will get to have a thrilling 60 seconds of freefall as well as a parachute ride of between 7 to 9 minutes. Should you request it, you may also help in steering the canopy

Solo Skydiving in San Antonio

Accomplish your AFF skydiving course to discover how you can skydive safely with the newest training methods in San Antonio. Right before your first jump you will participate in a 4 to 6 hour training class that will teach you the basics of skydiving. You will be monitored throughout your jump by two USPA certified Jump Masters to provide assistance should you require it during your departure and freefall. You will be expected to examine your altimeter and deploy your parachute under the close watch of your instructors. Once the chute is released, you, along with radio assistance from the ground, will be self piloting your parachute back to the dropzone.

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